Brooke Crouch

Sjogren’s Syndrome, Auto-Immune Disease, & the Critical Role of the Dental Team

The American College of Rheumatology estimates that between 400,000 and 3.1 million adults suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome. One of the largest side effects of this disease is xerostomia and rampant dental decay. As dental providers we have the ability to enhance the lives and improve the oral health of individuals suffering from this incurable autoimmune disorder, but in order to do that we must better understand this disease. As a dental hygienist that has suffered from this progressive disease, I can offer a provider and patient perspective. A Sjogren’s informed dental team is one that can change lives! In addition, more Americans are being diagnosed with various autoimmune disorders, many of which have oral complications. As a dental team, we are in a prime position to help these patients understand the interventions necessary to improve their oral and overall health.

Course Objectives:


Brooke Crouch is dental hygienist with over a decade of experience in the dental industry. Brooke has worked in many aspects of dental hygiene from private to public health, including policy work in her home state of Virginia, as well as adjunct faculty at Virginia Western Community College’s dental hygiene program. Brooke is passionate about prevention and education and understands the importance of educating patients and her dental colleagues. Brooke is a national speaker, writer, and serves on various boards at a state and national level. As a dry mouth patient herself, Brooke has made it her mission to raise awareness of the impact of dry mouth and quality of life. Brooke is an active member of the Virginia Dental Hygiene Association and loves networking with her dental colleagues. She is the newest addition to the RDH Magazine Editorial Advisory Board for 2022.