Continuing Education Goals


Our mission as providers of continuing education is to help healthcare professionals meet federal and state training requirements by providing high quality comprehensive training programs.


  • To bring new technology to the dental community.


  • To promote a free exchange of ideas within the professional community.


  • To thereby raise the collective patient benefit in the community as a result of the free exchange of ideas and of the increased knowledge within the community.
Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery dental team | Virginia Oral Surgeons



Dr. Charles D. Boxx  – CE Program Director, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Nicholas L. Broccoli- CE Program Director, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Gregory Zoghby- Board Member, Senior Partner & Oral Surgeon

Dr. Ammar A. Sarraf- Board Member, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Michael E. Miller, Board Member, Senior Partner & Oral Surgeon

Michelle Smith – Clinical Program Director

Melissa Sattler- Assistant Program Director, Event Planner& Marketing Director




CE Program Director – Ongoing supervision of our educational program of the overall responsibility for quality and content.  Will consult with the CE committee for periodic review of program goals, selecting education topics and evaluating the quality of the programs offered by Commonwealth Oral & Facial Surgery.  Will review speaker CV and bios and approve learning objectives for each program offered.  Will supervise the activities of the Assistant Director and the Administrative Assistant.


Board Members – Advisors to Program Director.  Responsible for presenting new concepts and evaluating current efforts.   Will help supervise activities of Assistant Program Director and Administrative Assistant.


Assistant Program Director – Responsible for selecting the venue and catering for the various events.  In charge of the timing and execution of all correspondence and communication with the attendees and the speakers.  Will maintain all records connected with the programs including attendance at programs, objectives, course outlines, evaluation results, needs assessments, and survey’s when applicable.  Will submit digital attendance rosters to AGD within one month of all sponsored programs.
Responsible for distributing CE certificates to attendees.


Administrative Assistant– Responsible also for communication efforts, mailings, faxes, and e-mails.  Responsible for assisting in the above in the execution of their duties as well as assuring program compliance with the standards and criteria of the AGD.    Administrative Assistant screen review all documents prepared by Assistant Program Director.