Dr. Geoffrey Cunningham

Rationale for Full Arch Implant Reconstruction

To keep teeth or not to keep teeth, that is the question! We will discuss factors in the decision making as to whether or not to keep teeth, how to make diagnosis of difficult cases easier and review co-morbidities and how that relates to prognostic decision making. We will discuss the different types of implant supported full arch reconstructions, benefits and limitations, why and where to place implants, and how to convert and restore full arch hybrid implant reconstructions, better known as All on 4.

Course Objectives:


Dr. Cunningham was raised in a dental family in West Virginia where his father was a general dentist. After spending much time in and around the dental field as a child he decided he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dr. Cunningham received all of his training at West Virginia University (DDS 2000, GPR 2001, Pros 2009). After completing his prosthodontic training, he spent three years on the dental school faculty at WVU and achieved the rank of Assistant Director of the Graduate Prosthodontic Program. In 2012 Dr. Cunningham entered private practice at Durham Prosthodontics and…… he has never looked back. He achieved board certification in 2015 is very proud to be awarded the American College of Prosthodontics Private Practice Award in 2018. Simply put, Dr. Cunningham loves what he does…….practicing clinical dentistry, trying to achieve excellence, and he thrives on building relationships with his patients. Dr. Cunningham lectures nationally for multiple implant companies. When not in practice Dr. Cunningham enjoys spending time with his wife Karen and his two spunky daughters AnnaLee 7 and Audrey 4.