Lori Bernardo, RDH & Consultant WEO Media

‘Level Up’ Your Marketing Results-How to Create a New Patient-Treatment Converting Team’

Lori Bernardo RDH, (Senior Marketing Consultant at WEO Media) has over 30 years in the dental profession as a dental hygienist, practice consultant, corporate trainer, and sales and marketing executive. She has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges of building and marketing a dental practice by working with hundreds of dental practices across the US. Lori’s diverse background gives her the ability to explain these topics in an easy to understand manner that the audience can grasp. She delivers the information along with real strategies that will allow the audience to make easy and impactful changes to their practices.

Course Description

Your external marketing is only one half of the equation. Knowing how to take the new patient leads that your marketing investment is sending your way and actually getting them on the path treatment acceptance is crucial. In the program we will explore attainable systems that will ‘level up’ your game and help you turn an outstanding ROI!-Defining your brand/unique offering

Course Objectives